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Background. Worked as a product designer for a number of years and have an interest and understanding of visual design and the process and constraints of manufacture and production. For the last few years I have been exploring the potential of drawing and making art.

Artists Statement. Innovation in all areas of creativity interest me. I see no great distinction between engineering, music, design and theatre, or dance, science and the visual arts. I am influenced by engineers, Dick Fosbury, Isombard Brunel, Richard Treverthick, Alex Moulton, Paul MacCready. Artists, Leon Kossoff, Egon Schiele, Pierre Bonnard, Peter Blake and the conceptual work of Damian Hirst, Martin Creed and Gavin Turk. In design Jon Ives, Ronald Hickman and James Dyson. I consider all on this list are or were great innovators.

I derive great satisfaction from accurate figurative drawing that expresses the essence of a subject rather than a slavish copy of shape and form.  My aim is to introduce innovation into my work with, joyful, childlike and expressive images/objects that are free from the restraint and inhibitions of the over trained adult mind.

I consider it fundamental and essential that work I produce can be accessed easily by a non art trained, non specialist audience.

Martin Wharmby 2014

Two of my all time heroes
Paul MacCready Aeronautical Engineer.  Designed and built Gossamer Condor the only human powered plane to cross the English Channel.

Dick Fosbury Engineer. Invented a new way of high jumping and proved its effectiveness by winning gold at the 1968 Mexico Olympics



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