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4 thoughts on “Previous work/pre WCA

  1. Hello Martin! Thank you for your comment, there are some clues on it that I should follow!
    I’m writing to do a comment on your blog. Seems to me that you could have a little explanation about your previous work, a general explanation and also titles to the pictures. I also think that you could take the picture 0304 again, because I feel it is an important work and that could be better documented.
    A combination between your blog and mine in terms of the way we organize the menus could be good. I mean not too simple(as you, with only 3 menus) but not too complicated(as me with almost random menus and without a clear order).
    To finalize I would say, as a friend, you could try to have more of a cronological sense in your blog. By this I mean you could ask “What has in my pass experience(as a product designer) made me have this approach to drawing within the MA course?”

    Big hug,

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