This is a portfolio of work I have done since I started the part time MA Drawing course at WCA in Oct 2012 with the most recent work at the top.

July 2014 An idea for the show poster.

Flyer MA Drawing show 3

June 2014 Thought I might use one of these for the Jerwood Drawing Prize

May 2014 Sketch I did in a ‘knitting’ concert. Brahms and Dvorak in a church.

May 2014 Painting with wool Yodah’s workshop.

May 2014 Gareth’s peer workshop ‘Drawing a Response’. Create a drawing in response to something in the news. In my view this is really demanding, creating to order and communicating ideas in a non ambiguous way. The opposite of a lot of contemporary art where ambiguity is often considered desirable.

IMG_1570 IMG_1572 IMG_1576 IMG_1571
Drawings – clockwise. Ren’s (tube strike) Shaun’s (building noise in Kensington) Martin’s (help to buy) Gavin’s (yesterdays news)

April 2014 Got opportunity to use the display cabinet in the Library for 10 days. Did display called ‘Five Random Ideas’ All were ideas I have had since starting the course in Oct 2012. but have not really had an opportunity to exhibit.They were:

Angela the Goldfish.
Mobile Art.
Electric Toothbrush.
Conceptual Heart.
T Shirt Slogan Interpreter.
IMG_1524  IMG_1532
Have asked for comments from my fellow MA drawing students…… sort of email crit. I also had a comments box on the outside of the cabinet complete with paper and pen…so no excuse.

April 2014. Easter sketches using a Pentel brush pen. Bit obsessed with the brush pen at present. Easy to carry, convenient also forces fast drawings that can be ‘corrected’ by over painting – doubles density of colour.
IMG_1504 IMG_1505

April 2014. Did ‘Framed’ for the NG Project (work in response to the National Gallery  Collection). I have responded to the frames by framing a frame in a frame. I didn’t use it for the NG exhibition, I felt is was a bit boring visually but then had the idea of distressing the outer frame to create contrast….seems to work better!


March 2014 Had this idea … adapting The Campaign for Plain English to the Campaign for Plain Art also adopting the traffic light symbols on food packaging to show sugar and salt content etc. for conceptual art. Red = incomprehensible, yellow = difficult, green = obvious.  Developed it to this!


March 2014 Drawing at the Nat Gallery. Thinking about the Nat Gallery Project. Did more drawing but not really getting anywhere. ‘Create work Influence by the collection’ does not need to be literal, as demonstrated so well, my Ana’s (Santos Meneses) poster designs, cleverly taking and adapting the distinctive mark making of Van Gogh and Seurat.
Todays drawing from Michelangelo’s Entombment. (I was pleased with St John the Baptist’s right leg)

March 2014 Drawing Lab with Anne-Marie. Using drawings already done on the group visit to the RA ‘Sensing Spaces’ Exhibition. We, all nineteen of us, were put into three groups. The Wall Group,the Floor Group and the Performance Group. Using the the CfD space, The wall group created a radical, visually exciting vertical presentation. The Floor Group did a challenging installation involving physical endeavour. My group, The performance group…..danced it.
My RA ‘Sensing Spaces’ drawing, minimalist sculpture by architect, Alvero Siza

Feb 2014 Abstracted ‘Hay Wain’ for Nat Gallery project. Using Pentel brush pen. Pencil drawing of a painter painting ‘Hay Wain’


Feb 2014 Monday evening life drawing.
IMG_1306  IMG_1307

Feb 2014 
Valentine cards for my daughters.


Jan 2014 Drawing making – Making drawing. Drawing Room

Series of talks, conversations, discussions and workshops conceived of and devised by artist, writer and educator, Jack Southern.
Did workshop with Claud Heath in this series. Started off with talk by Claud on his work which is essentially drawing without looking. There was no real attempt to be representative and yet the expressive quality of line seemed to capture the essence of the subject. We did a series of drawing exercises exploring the quality of line and then self portraits by feel only with no looking at paper. These are some of the drawings I did with these ‘restrictions’ which were of course a sort of freedom. I was pleased with the energy and vitality.
IMG_1219  IMG_1220
Self portraits.

Jan 2014 Bikes again, more difficult than I thought.


Jan 2014 Life drawing workshop in Hammersmith (no teacher) Shadows ‘creating clothes’.

IMG_1184 IMG_1185


Jan 2014 Did drawing at Nat Gallery as start of the NG Project with Colin Wiggins. Did sketch of an artist doing a copy of The Hay Wain. The visiting children much more interested in her actually painting, than Constable.


Also saw ‘Table of Contents’ at ICA.  Siobian Davis’s archive of dance. Did a bit of drawing.



Jan 2014 ‘Drawing the Bike’ project. I think I might use this as my new topic for CP3 and my practice until the end of the course. I like bikes and they are ‘sketchagenic’. There is also great  potential for abstraction. There is a great history of visual images relating to bikes and very importantly mobility in the early part of the 20th Century.





Dec. 2013 Christmas sketchbook

IMG_1122IMG_1119IMG_1128 IMG_1109


Did this, ‘Christmas Cox’s’ for silent auction at the church local to us. Didn’t get a single bid.. a bit embarrassing. I cut it out of a bigger painting and it looks a bit like a detail. A bit over cropped maybe! + Christmas card idea.

IMG_1018 IMG_1142

Dec. 2013 I’m sticking with my shoes drawings but they need something else, they still seem to be just drawings of shoes. Maybe lots of drawings of the same shoes on the same sheet of paper, The end of a lot of journeys. Not sure what to do. I was thinking……. homage to Van Gogh.

 IMG_1074IMG_1077IMG_1116 IMG_1079IMG_1112


Dec 2013 Group Crit.

This was a group crit. of the exhibition in the CfD (first and second year). I got a bit of a rough ride, quite rightly, my shoes were out of context, they had not come from any form of thinking or intellectual process, they were just drawings of shoes. There was something missing. They look better here, heavily cropped. I was not proud of them. I think I’ve learnt something.

IMG_1052    IMG_1053

Below earlier drawings of shoes from my sketchbook. Tania’s comments, ‘a bit generic why don’t you draw them properly’.

IMG_1083 IMG_1084 IMG_1085


December 2013
Colin Wiggins (art historian) spoke to the group for three hours about 6 paintings. They were Raphael (Catherine of Alexandra) and several other Raphaels. Tintoretto (Christ Washing the Feet of the Deciples) Seurat (Bathers at Asniere) Canalleto (Stonemasons Yard) and Rubens (Minerva protects Pax from Mais). During the day we did a project looking at, and drawing works with a view of the NG/Wimbledon exhibition. I drew Seurat (The Bathers) and Manet (Execution of Maximillion). I was thinking of doing an abstraction of the Manet. It already has strong elements of abstraction.

My copy of Seurat’s ‘The Bathers’ and an abstracted version I did later.

Execution of Maximillion – Manet.

There is something very powerful about the composition of both paintings. I think I may use them as inspiration for the Nat. Gallery exhibition in Feb 2014


Oct 2013  Three random ideas.

T- Shirt slogan interpreter. Made one for my brothers birthday Oct 31st, not sure if he liked it!



Mobile Art Gallery Installation. Rent articulated truck with translucent fibreglass roof, so plenty of natural light, stick logo on the side and park it early one morning on three parking meters in Cork St. Have steps from the pavement to attract Cork St customers into the truck which would contain art which would be given away free. A comment on the art establishment’s control of artists and the art market.


Why is art so fucking difficult. I did this after seeing the Ana Mendieta exhibition at The Hayward                                                        IMG_1080


Sept 2013 Should be getting on with my Research Folio but decided to spend a few hours drawing at the Science Museum. I loved the uncompromising design and organic quality of these farm machines and implements. Its also one of the few relatively quiet parts of the museum, historical farm implements, no match for space hardware.


IMG_1089 IMG_0800


August 2013 Broke my right arm (I’m right handed) on 10th August so have been drawing with my left. The restriction meant I had to avoid detail…. just had to concentrate on producing the impression….. the results seem a bit insipid (difficult to get pressure on pencil) but are quite lively. May do more with my left hand. Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 08.13.13   Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 08.26.02Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 08.30.08

_______________________________________________________________________ I’m interested in exploring the idea of drawing from life without at any time looking at the paper. In other words removing a sense generally considered essential for creating a 2D image. By removing this sense the brain cannot ‘interfere’ with the drawing in the way that can so often inhibit the artist. With practice the ‘letting go’ will maybe allow an intuitive skill to emerge that can be subservient to the normal visual checking that is generally considered essential. Watercolour landscapes below done in ‘No Look Hood’ see sketch below, devised to ensure that paper is not  looked at during the process. IMG_0789 IMG_0754 IMG_0762______________________________________________________________________

June 2013 Sketchbook…holiday in Spain

IMG_0506IMG_0503 resizedXEROX-XC55010496resizedXEROX-XC55010491 IMG_0504

resizedXEROX-XC55010493   ________________________________________________________________________May 2013 Just been to see the new hanging of late 20th century contemporary art at Tate Britain.. really good to see Hockney, Riley, Hodgson, Chapman Bros. Hirst, Whiteread all together.For light relief I drew a Stubbs circa 1785. IMG_0444_______________________________________________________________________

May 2013 Just been to Natural History Museum and drawn a whale skeleton. I’ve only just realised that all skeletons are essentially the same they have just been adapted by the species. So a humming bird skeleton is the same fundamental design as a blue whale. IMG_0442


April 2013 Did these about a year ago (pre Wimbledon). Called River Shadows based on water in the Thames…..maybe have another look and develop. Spurred on by having just sold two of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  IMG_0326 IMG_0322_____________________________________________________________

April 2013 I did these drawings in the National Theatre/British Museum, War Horse puppet and Roman equestrian statue circa 200 BC. Thinking about Sharon Shivlands challenge to draw a horse. It was interesting drawing the puppet horse minus legs. I believe the legs are attached to the puppeteers

IMG_0313     IMG_0395_____________________________________________________________

March 2013 I was thinking that a construction something like this could quite interesting, based on venetian blinds…the image changes according to your viewpoint. Could be made from card or balsa wood

IMG_0311_____________________________________________________________ IMG_0298

March 2013 I modified these safety signs. Thought I might paint one of these accurately on canvas make it into a piece of art.  ”Art is anything you can get away with” Andy Warhol. _____________________________________________________________

March 2013 ’Conveniart’ My ironic comment on consumer products challenging elitism in art. Pack flat Ikea style, to be produced in 4 colourways (marketing jargon) Lightweight easy to carry. Visually simple accessible to art trained specialists and non specialists alike.IMG_0304 IMG_0306_____________________________________________________________ IMG_0222

 March 2013 I took this photo of  Stella’s school apple. I love the combination of textures. The smooth green apple and the jagged texture of the foil and the dark void of the background.   _________________________________________________________________________March 2013 The road outside our house just been resurfaced over a three day period. Photo of carless road and drawing of the machine that did it. It was done with real panache and the smell was incredible. It could be interesting to do some research on surfaces and road marking. Hard to think of a bigger man made mark maker.

Road in London without cars.

My drawing of the tarmac layer.

IMG_0209      IMG_0216         IMG_0204

Road markings… might use these as inspiration for some work……difficult to beat these though!

_____________________________________________________________ IMG_0184 Last nights meal…3/3/13 IMG_0214 Last nights meal….7/3/13 _____________________________________________________________

Jan 2013 ‘Shameless Exploitation of Contemporary Art’
Conceptual Art for the Home “The philosophical view that there is no reality independent of our concept of it……… the idea is more important that the object”
This is an ironic comment on conceptual art but its also a piece of conceptual art.
In Buddhist philosophy nothing is the essence of everything.
Andy Warhol and Damian Hirst both saw the ‘art’ potential in existing products and commercial images and simply changed the context.
This is also a comment on consumerism and elitist art.
Dec 2012
’30 Meals’
I thought it might be interesting to draw the remains of the evening meal for a month and then  make a composite image of the 30 drawings, maybe use notes to record the actual food eaten.
Nov 2013 Thirty Yellow Sheep. My proposal for the windows of The Wellcome Trust
headquarters in the Euston Rd. The Wellcome Trust is an organisation that funds medical research. The two windows are each 12 meters long separated by a 4 metre wide stairwell.
I chose sheep to illustrate the generally accepted idea of conformity. (behaving like sheep) Twenty nine sheep will look one way and one sheep (the principle) will look the other, this to represent a different thought process, generally considered essential to innovate and inspire research. Yellow has been chosen as a symbol of rebirth, the yoke of an egg, a primary colour, a suggestion of potential. Yellow will be bright in summer and winter, day and night and contrast well with the modern, steel and glass construction of the Wellcome building and that part of the Euston Rd. My intention is that the surreal and enigmatic quality of the windows will stimulate thought and comment. They should not be too literal as they could be mistaken for a shop window. The intention is that Thirty Yellow Sheep will, at one level be fun and visually exciting but also instantly memorable and appreciated on many levels by all passers by including children, casual observers, scientists, tourists and Wellcome staff.
This model represents half of one of The Wellcome window _____________________________________________________________
Dec 2012 I have also designed and made a plywood stool for my daughters 21st… IMG_0150 IMG_0060
and the card model for a bag to be made in plywood….. IMG_0160     IMG_0114   _____________________________________________________________
IMG_0149    IMG_0164 The famous painting by Monet ‘The execution of Maximillian’ Its a really modern looking composition..the canvas has been cut up at some point (apparently Monet himself partially destroyed it) and reassembled with the missing bits as bare canvas. The right hand drg is a ‘portrait’ I did of a Gainsbourgh landscape in the style of Auerbach. _____________________________________________________________ IMG_0158
Feb 2013 Valentines cards for my daughters _____________________________________________________________
Feb 2013 Workshop with Michael Pavelka at the National Gallery. Brief/choose a painting, do a quick sketch and then ‘extend’ it, beyond the frame to show a broader context, what was going on in the wings. I combined the Execution of Maximillian by Manet with two other Manet paintings….Corner of a Cafe Concert and The Beach at Truville as the audience, casually getting on with their lives.


Dec 2012 My first two pieces for MA drawing exhibition in CfD. Based on Reitveld furniture. Evidence of making clamps, levels etc. Titles: Compression and Tension
December 2012 Life drawing monday evenings.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_____________________________________________________________________ December 2012 Drawing to Music with Isabelle Gusty
Drawing to music. I really enjoyed this workshop, maybe should have gone a bit madder with different mediums…….. paint and big brushes. _________________________________________________________________________ November 2012  Exercise in composition. In the first drawing we made a composition by drawing an object (in my case a mug) from various angles and distances, cutting them out and then assembling them into a composition. When we were happy… we defaced it. In drawing two we did six drawings of the same still life but with different compositions within a given rectangle and looking largely at tonal aspects. We had 4 mins for each drawing. As usual  there were some really interesting results from the group, inspiring.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_________________________________________________________________________ October 2012 Drawing Lab with Michael Pavelka. Draw object (in my case wire cutters) with left hand without looking and then with right hand, looking. IMG_0065 Martin PC041225_2






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